“Gavin is a transformational coach”  

Youth Coaching

Be happy, successful and making progress


Everyone has right to be happy, feel good about themselves and have positive friends around them. If you feel you would like more of just one of these, then coaching can help you find it.

Planning for your future? Or putting off something important? Making right choices about big next steps? An independent ear can help you feel more confident about what to do next.

Current clients say:

"Easy to talk to"

"lively and enthusiastic"

"shares his belief in you and a commitment that really makes a difference"

"helped me smile again"

Through listening carefully to what you say, asking the right questions and giving you all the time you need to answer them, together we can make progress. I will not criticise or judge you but I will support you in finding some possible ways fowards. We will generate ideas,  plan a strategy and get you ready to impliment it . Later, we'll go through what happens, learn from it and talk through the next steps. Coaching  can help you find your way.

By doing the same things we get the same results. Or, we can reflect on what we do, learn from it and then decide to make different choices.

Start making different choices.