Notice what’s really holding you back,

deal with it,

and move on 

Professional Executive Coaching

Getting balance back into work

While my coaching approach doesn’t differ at all depending on whether I’m meeting with either private or corporate clients, I do find some work-related themes often recur such as:

  • juggling work and other demands
  • negotiating limits when pushed unreasonably
  • examining feelings around returning to work after a break
  • agreeing a fairer distribution of roles and responsibilities outside of work
  • dealing with corporate/personal value clashes
  • gaining clarity around career goals 
  • considering options that are outside the mainstream career path
  • negotiating strongly and positively to redress inequality
  • avoiding feeling intimidated in your work environment

Also, particularly in an ever changing economic climate, we may start to feel differently about how we want to manage our careers in the face of shifting personal values and commitments.Coaching can powerfully support clarity of thinking and redress potential conflicts.

"I found our sessions inspiring and self-empowering. You are a joy to talk to"   Mutil-tasking working parent

A willingness to change is a prerequisite for openness. Without that willingness, we can become stuck in our need for stability and certainty.

"I really can see a way forward now. Things are so much lighter and easier. Thank you." Dr P   GP

Regain your control.