Coaching is

a supportive partnership  

Who I work with

Most of us wish to be fulfilled in our daily lives, adopt healthy lifestyle choices and have positive relationships around us. However, it is not always easy to make those positive changes and to make them stick or sometimes even to believe that it's possible.

My clients say effective coaching helps you :

Clarify your motivation for wanting change 
Realise why, so far, your efforts may not have been successful
Work out a practical strategy and timeline for change
Recognise how to sustain long-term, lasting benefits
Feel more positive about taking up your challenge


Knowing what’s right and actually doing it are two different things. Many clients have noticed that positive change comes about when they feel in control and happy about their choices. Rather than a pressured effort to achieve some outcome, I work with clients to help them identify what’s really behind their desire for change and to see the way forward as a positive process.

"I can really see a way forward now. Things are so much lighter and easier."

I work with people of all ages, both individuals and groups, at work, rest and play. Balance in each of these areas improves well being and greatly increases the likelihood of positive outcomes.

If that is what you need, contact me.