It's your attitude, not your aptitude

that determines your altitude

Professional Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is about potential-discovery, self-realisation and personal success. A confidential and professional way of helping you to get where you want to be. Powerful yet subtle.

Lasting postive change comes from within, whether in an individual or an organisation. Being able to modify our attitudes and behaviours in line with core beliefs and values are keys to personal effectiveness and sustainable organisational change.

Personal effectiveness includes:

Performance Development

Personal Excellence

Getting Balance Back into Work


Effective executive coaching facilitates improvements for the individuals involved and, when relevant, the companies that employ them. Through thoughtful, provocative coaching, my clients learn a lot about themselves which can help them become happier and more confident in their abilities and potential and therefore more effecctive in the workplace.


"Gavin helped me rethink a really challenging issue and left me feeling consistently in control of my future"  Company Director