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A one day, highly practical course, which gives you hands on experience of coaching and being coached. Devise a model that improves communication and establishes a positive attitude across your workplace. Coaching is a proven approach towards raising productivity and solving under-performance at work.

Developed in the UK by Sir John Witmore, Angus McLeod and Will Thomas among others coaching has blossomed in almost every walk of life.

Effective coaching is non-threatening yet challenging, builds on strengths, is solutions focussed and confidential,, I have used these techniques with individuals of all ages, across the country and abroad. Based on sound principles, you will develop the dispositions of a coach that underpin effective and high impact coaching and have really positive effects on those who you live and work with.

Learn how to ask questions of influence, how to hold a dialogue for change and to trigger about new insights in those you coach. Asking the right questions, at the right time and responding to the answers in the most effective way possible can open minds and transform performance. It's what I do for a living and I'll show you how.

"We really enjoyed the coaching day, you are an excellent, passionate role model for coaching. Felt really positive since."

You too can challenge limiting beliefs, unlock stuck states and empower change in yourself and others.

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Advanced Course includes further aspects of NLP and potential points for Masters accreditation and coaching association membership.