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Welcome from Gavin

Personal and Professional Life Coach

I have been coaching individual and executive clients for over ten years. In addition to working one-on-one with clients, I hold introductory and more advanced training workshops, give presentations and provide expert input on a variety of coaching related topics across the UK, as well in the Middle and Far East.

I have three decades of experience in individual and organisational learning, development and change.  My training and background in this field have led me to believe that effective coaching needs to take into account the whole person and that everyone has the resources they need to progress in a way that they choose, even though they may not have accessed them yet. I believe that successful coaching helps people to understand themselves better so that they can deal with; their challenges, what’s worrying them or appearing to be holding them back. Once we have identified ways forward with clarity and confidence it enables them to dispel their barriers and to make significant and sustained progress.

The rest of the website explains a lot more about me and my approach to life coaching as well as gives more details about the various strands to my work.

Browse through the pages and find what you are looking for.

When you are ready for us to work together, I look forward to hearing from you.


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