"Gavin is a transformational coach!"

Personal Coaching

What's it all about ?

People deserve to feel happy, confident and fulfilled.

As a professional coach, I help people sort through difficult issues and move forward in positive ways, privately and in confidence. Working with clients through listening, probing questions and thoughtful analysis, together we  progress towards significantly greater clarity and a strategy for change.  Some clients look for help tackling specific problems and making decisions, others are seeking more general support.

Clients bring a variety of issues, including:

Personal development
Career change
Work-life balance
Stress management
Interpersonal communication
Time management
Self-awareness and self-acceptance
Presentation skills


I meet with my personal coaching clients either in my office or in another place they are comfortable such as a local cafe, lounge, park, beach or other open space. For some, walking while talking helps open minds and generates more creative thinking, others prefer a quite space away from distractions. It's always your choice.

I usually meet with my business coaching clients in a confidential setting in their own organisation.  Some corporate clients prefer to meet away from their work environment.  Further details about logistics and my fees are an email away. I describe my background in more detail here.

So, if you feel you could use help thinking through any kind of issues or if you are having trouble working out why life just isn't going quite right, then get in touch and we can work together to get you ready, help you feel better and start to make the changes that do improve your life experiences.