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Who is Gavin Kewley?

I am a personal and professional life coach with a private practice based in Christchurch, Dorset. I have spent my professional life working closely with people from all walks of life. I listen carefully and then ask the questions that enable them to get closer to being the best they can be. With over 30 years experience I have worked with some of the most talented and some of the most troubled minds of all ages.

We can all get stuck sometimes but staying stuck holds us back. Open minds can change lives. I have proved this both personally and professionally time and time again. Accepting imposed limits can result in ill health, unhappiness and frustration. What excites me is to support someone becoming more the person they wish to be. Comments from some of them can be found in amongst the follwoing pages.

With professional qualifications in coaching, NLP, counselling and training I work at individual, departmental, organisational and national levels. My work has been creditted in publications and appeared in the press. Work has taken me across the UK, to Oman, Thailand and China.

I beleive that the skills and experience I gained from this inform and guide my current work as a personal and professional life coach. Both involve interacting postitvely with people, offering boundless energy and enthusiasm, making sense of complex information and helping implement tough, lasting, positive change be it at individual or organisational levels.

Originally from London, I have lived by the sea and on the edge of the New Forest, for many years. I have travelled extensively throughout the world, both professionally and to explore - I am drawn to adventurous activities outdoors. I am married and have three sons of whom I am immensely proud.