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Interpersonal relationships

Life satisfaction and good health


One of the most significant predictors of life satisfaction and, indeed, good health, is the quality of our interpersonal relationships.

Factors like work and other pressures can adversely affect our chances of building and sustaining high quality relationships and may add to our stress and general unhappiness. Some people only recognise what’s missing, or what feels wrong about their lives and it often appears to come down to choices.

How we feel about ourselves seems to impact on our ability to make and keep meaningful relationships. Being able to connect with other people; feeling strong, confident and attractive makes a big difference. Sensitive and empathetic life coaching can help people recognise themselves in different ways and seek opportunities to show themselves in a new, healthier, balanced and more productive light.

Life coaching can help us think about what we really want from life. When we understand how the choices we make should always work with us in achieving what we feel is important to us, the real potential for change emerges.

Really raise your chances of achieving what’s important to you by making a different choice.

Build quality relationships.